Cervical Spine (2012)

Platt, SR, da Costa, RC. Cervical Spine. In: Tobias KM, Johnston SA. Veterinary Surgery – Small Animal. Elsevier. Ch 31, 410-448, 2012.

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With detailed coverage of surgical procedures, Veterinary Surgery: Small Animal is an authoritative, two-volume reference on the art and science of small animal surgery. Expert contributors discuss surgical principles and procedures for topics ranging from surgical biology and perioperative care, to neurosurgery orthopedic surgery, and soft tissue surgery, always supported by evidence-based research and complete surgical instructions. More procedures are covered with greater detail than in comparable books, and a greater emphasis on pathophysiology shows how it relates to diagnosis, treatment, and overall case management. Experienced Coeditors Karen Tobias and Spencer Johnston provide the definitive reference for veterinary surgery, invaluable preparation for the ACVS and ECVS board examinations.

Cervical Spine
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