Classification of Intervertebral Disc Disease (2020)

Fenn J, Olby NJ and the Canine Spinal Cord Injury Consortium (CANSORT-SCI) (2020) Classification of Intervertebral Disc Disease. Front. Vet. Sci. 7:579025. doi: 10.3389/fvets.2020.579025.

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Intervertebral disc disease (IVDD) has been recognized in dogs since the 1800s, when the first descriptions of extruded disc material within the vertebral canal were published. In the intervening time our understanding of intervertebral disc pathology in dogs and cats has increased dramatically, with many variations of IVDD described. Whilst the volume of literature and collective understanding of IVDD has expanded, there has also been scope for confusion as the definition of intervertebral disc disease, with itsmyriad different manifestations, becomes more complicated…


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